Groundwork Artist Management

New York, New York

Paulie Z was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. At a very early age it was clear that music and art were his passions in life. After eight years of art school and a BA in illustration, Paul found his true calling when he started performing live on stage as the lead singer and guitarist in various local rock bands such as Legend, Splivey Cool and Co2. It would ultimately be the power trio ZO2, co-founded with his brother David Z, that would bring him his first taste of success. 

In 2004 ZO2 toured the U.S.A. with KISS and Poison and since then have released three albums and four singles. In 2008 the band landed their own TV series called Z Rock which aired for two seasons and was based on their real life story of being rock stars at night and kids’ entertainers by day. On his own, Paulie has also starred in three rock musicals, sang the national anthem at various professional sporting events and hosted The Paulie Z Show which was a podcast on iTunes about music and food. 

Recently Paulie moved to LA to pursue a solo career in music and continue building his educational empire. His debut solo EP showcases his songwriting abilities and has a more modern rock feel while still maintaining the soul, swagger and grit that has become his signature sound. As always, Paulie is keeping his schedule full and you’ll be able to find him onstage in some venue somewhere, singing to a crowd on their feet, lifted by the sounds of a man that knows how to use music to inspire, and elevate his audience.