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New York, New York


Whereas other artists may withdraw to quieter havens to get into their zones, it’s interesting that Stolar would further retreat to New York, a place far from tranquil and calm, to work on his upcoming releases. “Paralyzed,” out in February, is a song about pondering the escape from feeling irrevocably stuck in life. If you listen to it, it begins to make sense why the grit and candor of New York was the perfect location for Stolar to connect with the heart of his work.

In the past four years, Stolar has written over 1,000 songs while frequently flying between New York, Los Angeles and Nashville. When it was time to settle back in Brooklyn, he picked the handful of songs that most truly reflected his life. His place of catharsis, the Empire State of hard labor and worldly culture, provided him the opportunity to collaborate with other New York-based

producers such as Take A Day Trip. Now in 2017, Stolar has turned personal stories into lush and danceable yet undeniably deep songs. His music has distinguishing R&B and electronic characteristics that give warmth to his boundary-pushing pop songwriting. Between “Paralyzed” and “Feel Good,“ a Stolar song represents the plain and simple yearn for freedom and happiness when you are fraught with daily unease.

Born in New Jersey and based in Brooklyn, Stolar sharpened his natural songwriting and singing talents by playing countless local late night shows, studying other musicians’ live performances, writing for artists such as The Voice and America’s Got Talent finalists Caroline Pennell and Alice Tan Ridley, and penning purpose tracks such as the anthem for the most recent Brooklyn Nets playoff run. During his time at NYU, he mentored under iconic New York poets, songwriters, and actors who taught him how to throw his heart into his work. By working tirelessly, he’s amassed a following in New York for his unabashed performances and honest lyricism. With an unmatched drive and enthusiasm for human connection, Stolar was destined to tell his stories as a recording artist.

Stolar didn’t have to escape far to get to the core of his art. Instead, he found it right in his home under the duresses of being a New Yorker. Living with depression and bipolar, he’s also dedicated his storytelling skills to shed light on mental health. He’s worked with both the Jed Foundation, speaking alongside advocates such as Brittany Snow, as well as Demi Lovato's Be Vocal campaign. His fight with his illnesses has unearthed difficulties that, in a larger sense, we all face to various extents. In the wake of pop culture’s fascination with glossy songs that cannot be readily felt, we are able to unravel with Stolar’s music. His dark confrontations with himself led him to empowering collaborations that, as a singer and a songwriter, make Stolar an integral soundtrack to all of our lives.